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Hello all! I will arrive in Kathmandu in February and I’ll stay in the city for five months working in an NGO. The office is in Kupondole so I prefer living in that area or near by. Any offer or information? 



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hi !! ainira , since you fly in feb and its already feb , i dont know if you have already found the room yet but there are places wherein you can rent a room around mangalbazar and in jawalakhel area which are near to koupondole, its just 30 min walk from these places and 5-10 min drive , if you want to search i would suggest you to check out at these places and yes , Welcome to kathmandu! (-:{{

when u arrived in kathmandu? I mean, this year? don't mind I your unknown person when I read your short word so I liked to meet u in kupandol. how many did u work ktm? when u back your country I don't want to bother. I am near about me I live in kasthmandap.thanks 


if you don't like my pic so can delete? don't mind


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