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Hi frens i really need help my fren is looking for a single room we have tried alot but we cant find room he cant afford a flat as he is working alone he is having very difficult time and he is already separated with his family recently  so i hope u can help me find a room for him.he can afford upto 4000 for the room i guess dat is the price for a single room i saw that all of you helped alot of frens so here i m .id u know anyplace where we can have a room plz let me know thank u

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location:Mangal bazaar ,lalitpur

facility:water supply ,internet, tv cables, parking for two wheelers
room prices:4000 to 12000(depends on the size of room, those willing to take a flat will be offered special discount)
contact number:9849873217 (Debashree Joshi) 

i have one room with attached bathroom but kitchen on sharing basis.plenty of water and proper sunlight....if interested call 9818226907

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