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I am going to be living in Kathmandu for 3-4 months from March 1st on... wanting to look into how to get a cell phone cheaply that works. I have read different things online and was left a little confused. I have a Blackberry phone with tmobile here, will it be possible to get it "unlocked" and use it in KTM? Or, if I just decide to buy a prepaid phone does anyone have a recommendation? How good is cellular coverage throughout most of the country?


Many Thanks for any advice!


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I had our Tech. guy look into this for you. I hope it helps you. He had this to say about Blackberry's:


In the case of Blackberry phones from USA and Europe, they can be unlocked from some shop on NewRoad . You have to buy a Post-Paid Ncell Sim card . For the Sim Card  and blackberry service you can contact Ncell office at KrishnaTower, Baneshwor Kathmandu. They give all support to those foreign migrated blackberry also. The cost of Blackberry-based internet service is Rs 1000/- per month.  
From my point of view if any one is staying in Kathmandu for only few months I recommend to have a typical prepaid mobile service unless you have to use push-mail service of blackberry. Because after unlock of mobile it will be not-compatible when you return to own country .
Thank you so much! That is very helpful!

Hi Brittany, hope you are dong well. If you using Blackberry it would be better you unlock there itself, but you can also get it unlocked in KTM, but again you can always use cheap phones for prepaid cell phones -- NCell has pretty good coverage, of course if you don't have to make a call to venus :). A




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