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Does anyone know anything about the strike coming up?


How long is it for? Do domestic planes still run?

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Usually, all strikes are listed on the site,  This site is devoted for listing every strike in the country.  Right now, there is nothing written about the strike but things could change.


Planes usually run on the strike days although reaching the airport can be quite a challenge in some cities.

Still no any strikes don't worry

Is it any strikes in Kathmandu area May 04-20 ?

Thanks in advance for info :)

Although there are no formal announcements yet (as of April 28), in all likelihood, there may be a few bandhs as the government is most likely to meet the deadline for a new constitution.
Sorry Rohit although the strike was cancelled at some point there was one morning about the 27th that all buses out of Pokhara were cancelled. It seems the major political parties agreed to no strikes but minor parties see this as an opportunity for them to be noticed by declaring a strike even if in only a small area.

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