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I want to do some volunteering while i am in Nepal. I think it is better to work with NGOs that are started by the community. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I work in the media so anything communications or media related would be good. Or income generation, even education. 


Any suggestions?

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can i join with u


This does not answer the question at all. In fact I don't think you even read my question. I'm not looking for a date, I am looking for information. If you don't have any information on the topic then don't clog up the forum!

ashok sharma said:


i m self employe , my own software company and working with hotel,school,jewellery,account and inventory,transportation and more government school primary and secondary level

so wt u want share with me  and wt kind of information u need

u can also call me 9841309891

thanking you

ashok sharma



I'll be there in November working for a The Himalayan Youth Golf Association, setting up programs in schools and on the courses for young golfers. I'm sure we could use some help getting the word out, so a media savvy person would probably be very helpful.


Hi Amanda,


Would you be interested to do volunteer in an orphanage home? If yes let me know. Thanks



Hi there,

I run a volunteering charitable organization in Calcutta we are known as Crazy Wanderers, a Non Profit Travel organization in Calcutta India, where we organize offbeat tours at Non Touristic places which are not on Guide Books and cultural trips for shoe-string low budget backpackers all across the country from Goa to Kerala from Rajasthan to Nepal.

We have a free accommodation hometstay in the 300 years old beautiful heritage city Calcutta (Bengal) and we organize volunteers program in the World Heritage Tiger Jungles called "Sunderbans" a UNESCO recommended and Lonely Planet approved national park,the one and only Mangroove Forest for Indian Tigers.

Any traveler can

1.Learn Power yoga

2.Bengal Hot Oil massage
Ayurveda Massage(economic rates).

3.Learn Indian Cooking and Indian Languages (Hindi and Bengali)

4.You can teach your languages and get free food and accommodation.

5. Learn Spiritual meditation and Love Therapy, Reiki (Sparsh Chikitsa), Vedic Astrology with us.

We also provide travel companions for single women travelers.

Anyone interested to make money doing business with us to support their travel. You can even write a book on our initiative or India we can help you.

Travelers can volunteer with us and take care of street dogs and cats or teach English and music to the village homeless kids.

Come and join us in the fun, becoz this would be one of the best things you have ever done in your life. Email us at [email protected]

May be we can have a cup of Chai together , life is not always about money however about a new friendship. what do u say??? I specially invite you for India's Largest Festival which is in October 1st to 6th Durga Puja, u can enjoy that wid us. Look at the Blog below.

Anyone of you in facebook, may be we can be friends? my profile email would be [email protected] Add me if u wish to. Would u like to work with us?


Rupak Chatterjee

You might be misguiding tourist my sayin "all across the country from Goa to Kerala from Rajasthan to Nepal". Working in the tourism industry you should be aware that Nepal is a totally different country to India.

No hard feelings against India. I Myself have life there for almost half of my life. But we do have an identity of our own. Please understand and correct the mistake.

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