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I was in my bed, sleeping ,because I had 2 more hours before my semester`s final exam which was about to start from 3 pm the day earthquake hit Nepal with 7.8 magnitude. Everyone who survived this earthquake escaped death. I came to know that, when we come face to face with death, our perspective about our lives changes. My bed began to shake and I thought it was probably my dog shaking it. I was very wrong and ran towards safety with my sister and mom. I looked outside the window and saw a cloud of dust from the fallen walls. I thought this was it. All the plans I made about my life was about to end right here. I saw death and it moved me. Holding my family real tight I remember telling them everything is going to be alright. The quake stopped and we made sure everyone was alright. We checked for cracks in the house , luckily there was none. Just when we thought that it was over, we felt another after shock. We grabbed water and some food , locked the house and ran towards more secure area. Tons of people rushing out of their houses to safety. The 1st day of quake was like a part from an apocalyptic movie. The continuous after shock kept all of us aware time to time and awake the whole night.We had to take shelter in the road. Everyone was breathing in dust. Everyone was scared to go inside of their houses. My grandmother who is past her 80 years of age, had to go through the historic 1990 earthquake again this time. This was her 2nd time. I , like most of all the scared people slept in the road the very first day because of the after shocks. I dont understand why some people try to steal in such a condition? I was with my dog and my dad when I heard from a distance "Chor Chor Chor". I started shouting "Chor Chor Chor" too. Then in a distance a someone caught him and I ran towards him with my dog and kicked and punched him. Later I found out that he was about to kidnap a child. My dog is really useless in those kind of situation. He only seems to be in a very adrenaline rush when he sees other dogs. Oh my god, I remembered how much my back hurt. The comfortableness of sleeping in mattress really made it impossible to sleep in road. There was no electricity, no reliable cellphone reception, no internet . It was a very bad dream. Hoping that it would all be over by tomorrow I started to pull myself up. So I heard that there would be more after shocks for 72 hrs. 72hrs are you kidding me? As soon as morning arrived, I read the newspaper. "The Goverment of Nepal has declared state of emergency","Cultural Heritages destroyed" and nepal earthquake in every international news. I realized this earthquake was taking its toll. I took a stroll around my neighbourhood. There was not much damage except some of the old houses were really destroyed.

Shovabhagwati was very affected. I saw many houses which had cracks in them, whose foundations had cracked, caved in houses. So right now , due to our useless and corrupt goverment, those places are producing odor of perishing   bodies. What killed me more than the earthquake was a question from one of my neighbour`s child. So the little guy asked me if my family had any female members. I asked why? And the little guy told me that who will cook food. I dont blame the little guy but his primitive family. Here are some of the pictures I took after the quake.

taking shelter in tundikhel

Ruins of house in dhobichour

Our community

this place used to be very very very crowdy

destructing @indrachwok

shelter outside our house

ruin of dharara

all that is left of dharara

kasthamandap now

road of thamel

house @paknajol

we used to buy icecream here

took my dog with me too

art at thamel


rescue helicopter

people taking shelter

rain giving hard times

enjoying a cigratte

goverment providing water

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