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Being a Helping hand in Nepal Earthquake (Part I)

The earthquake of 2015 left a lot of Nepalese homeless, killed a lot of loved ones, turned our cultural heritages into rubbles and kept us frighten. Till now, we mistake an imaginary vibration for an earthquake.We all have been through a very tough and terrible time. We are very lucky to be alive now. I was very saddened to hear that a lot of our Nepalese brother and sister have lost their lives. Those news just made me wanted to help those in need more and more. So we decided to lend a helping hand. Our whole team got together and held a small meeting where we decided , what to do next. After some time of discussion, we finally picked our pace and divided our team into two groups. The rescue team and the sanitary team. Both team did amazing jobs.Our sanitary team had listed out all the things that were causing those people taking shelter in open.  So I want to tell you guys that, if you are ok or fine or unharmed, then please help those in need. If you do not find a reason why you should help them, then think what if it happened to you and nobody helped you. You will certainly feel bad. Here are some of our helping hand pictures #rebuildnepal . We do not have a lot of slogans for our purpose but I think "More hands More hearts" fits better.

Our team @thamel

people taking shelther @dhobichour

planning what to do next @dhobichour

little children playing @dhobichour

some of our team members going for rescue

helping an elderly with medicine

a nice guy helping her after we left

gathering info on her collapsed building

our first visual of collapsed house @janabaal

we getting prepared to help

as per sources, all these rubbles were of 4 houses that went down

people taking shelter inside public youth campus

garbages inside public youth campus

our team working to take care of the business

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