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Welcome Hello from our Nepal orphanage! 'The Innocent Children's Home is a non for profit orphanage that requires the help of volunteers to provide the love and support that is necessity in the development of every child's life. Your valued help is essential to ensure this orphanage provides the proper development that these children deserve, not to mention to reach the high goals that our organization has set.
Our orphanage is situate in Pokhara, Nepal. It is built to service and house displaced children from remote farming villages that surround this picturesque area.

We have many children on our waiting list trying to join our organization, which we want to provide, however we need you, the valued volunteer to support our organization and help make this and possible. Our Mission to provide displaced children with a caring, loving home where they can grow, live and learn towards a brighter future. Our Vision to expand our organization in order to provide more orphaned children with a loving home. To educate our children through the generous time of volunteers from a broad range of cultures. Our Children We have a total of 14 displaced children ranging form 2-11 years of age and are expecting two more in the coming week.

They all come from very varied and distressing backgrounds, but their needs are all the same; love, care and schooling. Our orphans have mainly come from the surrounding areas of the picturesque Pokhara. Although rich in natural beauty with the Himalayas lingering, the area provides many dangers which has led to the children needing the support of our orphanage. One example, is a brother and sister aged 4 and 5 years. Their mother passed away as a result of cancer and their father died from falling form a tree in search of forage for livestock in the dryer months.

The children were left to their extremely poor grandparents who could not afford to upkeep two young children at their tender age. A second example is one of the older boys who's parents died as a result of a car accident. He and sister were left to their uncle who again could not afford the upkeep of two more children on top of his own. Therefore, the boy had to leave and fend for himself on the streets of Pokhara at the age of ten until the orphanage was opened two years later.All our 9 children are going to school. We have a small 'play room' at our orphanage where the children have daily play like in family house provided by our volunteers and occasionally by local residents of our area. Although this is proving to be very stimulating for the children, they are in desperate need for further funding to be privileged enough to attend school for further development both personally and intellectually. Volunteer with Us As our children are here mainly due to distressing circumstances, we need loving, caring and compassionate people to volunteer in our children's home.
To become accustomed to the Nepalese culture, we are offering our volunteers the opportunity of a true Nepal farm stay in a remote village in an area where majority of our displaced children call 'home'. This will enable you to understand and better relate to our children and therefore be of more benefit to their needs. Not to mention a fantastic opportunity to meet real Nepalese people in their surroundings in areas that are off the tourist trail as well as accessible only by foot. After this orientation into the Nepali lifestyle, you will be accommodated in a private room in the orphanage for the duration of your stay.

Please teach our children English, math, games, personal hygiene, drawing, painting, music and many more skills. Location Our home is in a quite location, 20 minutes walk from the popular 'Lakeside' district of Pokhara. Easily assessable from Kathmandu by bus, or 5 minute taxi ride from the Pokhara airport. From our garden the magnificent Machapurchata and surrounding Himalaya's are clearly visible. Pokhara is the gateway to the Annurpuna region of the Himalayas, providing a wide range of trekking adventures. Pokhara is also well renowned for adrenalin sports, from white water rafting to paragliding. Pokhara offers a full range of services, including excellent restaurants, cafe's and shopping on the Fewa Lake. Please share your love to our orphans and get the most experience from volunteering.
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Comment by Krishna Pokhrel on April 15, 2011 at 6:54pm
I hope this helps for people to know Nepal and Nepali people.


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