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As far as I know, Buddha Air is kind of safe airways in Nepal in comparison to other airways. The last accident of Buddha Air Mountain Flight was on 25 Sep 2011 from today ,here is the link Link. So far so good.

Ok peeps lets talk business... A ticket will cost you $180 and it will depend on your travel guide or operator.You will have to pay additional of Rs 200 as air tax.You also will have to fix your flight date(Tip: Please check the weather before fixing your flight date).

So if you are at thamel there are 2 easy ways you can reach to airport on time.

1. You can get a taxi and reach there and it may cost you Rs500+ , depends on your bargaining or you can do what I did. So I was getting late for my flight and I thought of riding a taxi there so the taxi driver wanted me to pay Rs 500 which was too expensive.He went as low as Rs450, lol , but I told him I only had Rs 300 and I was getting very very late for my flight.Sweet him, he took me there on Rs 300 only. PHEW

2. You can take a micro bus from Jamal to Gaushala,get off the micro bus then wait for another bus that will drop you to the airport. So it will only cost you less than Rs50.

If you are taking the later option I suggest you to leave your hotel as early as possible. The bus will not drop you inside the airport but it will leave you just outside of the gate where you dont even have to cross the road to get to the other side. Again PHEW(I hate crossing busy roads BTW). Another Tip.. DO NOT WALK IN FROM YOUR LEFT SIDE BUT FROM RIGHT SIDE.I dont know why but it is a kind of rule.

So after you get in the airport you will see couple of sign boards saying that the domestic filght is this way. That means to your very left.You can ask people who work there, they will show you the way.Then you will have to reach the Buddha Air stall inside the domestic flight section. You have to give your ticket to the Mountain Flight stall of Buddha air. They will give you your ticket. Then you have to go through another security check before going inside the terminal I guess. There You will have to wait for your flight number to be announced or again you get help from the information desk. EASY PEASY.... Plus you can also enjoy coffee there. They server good coffee but the price is amazingly not cheap -_-.

Ok... as soon as your flight number is called you need to go the the information desk and show your ticket. They will lead you to a bus which will take you to the airplane.Rember put your phone on flight mode or just better switch it off.

That is it.Now you are flying and touching the clouds and heaven. God , it was so AWESOME.

Well here is the link to my visit. My Visit Photos

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Comment by Buddha Air on June 29, 2015 at 4:02pm

for more details you can go through buddha air website.

Comment by Sushant Bajracharya on April 6, 2015 at 10:12pm

 current price for buddha air mountain flight is  around $205


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