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Spoiler Alert!!! It was again AWESOME. I tend to use this word more often that I realize.

After a very long and tired weekdays, me and my friends made a plan to go and relax to a place not far from the heart of Kathmandu. We went there for a reason. A friend of mine had heard about  this place that they serve delicious "poleko aanda" (basically it is an roasted egg with its shell still intact).

Hungry???? haha

Ok lets talk about the direction now. We started off from sorukhutte.Then went straight to Balaju chowk.Then headed to Goldhunga.

You can also reach there by micro.You will have to wait for a micro that will take you directly to Goldhunga.

or else you can take a cab but that will cost you a lot.

If you are going there on a bike then remember to pack a shade and a mask to cover your face. Because of heavy traffic and poor condition of sidewalk, chances are that you will be breathing dust most of the time during the ride.

Now comes the best part. After reaching there it was peace and quiet. It felt like the city life have not yet touched this part of Kathmandu. The hotel was not like any other fancy restaurants you get to see in Kathmandu. It was a normal looking hotel with huge empty spaces where you get the freedom of choosing where you want to sit and enjoy unless that space is already taken.Plus, if you do not like to stay in a grass field you can also choose to sit inside in tables.Well we are all nature loving junkies, so we decided to stay outdoors. For staying outdoors you get a mattress weaved with hay, which is very traditional and cool.It gives you the sense of Newari culture and traditions. To be honest, it is not a very good idea to stay in such mattress for a long time.Don`t believe me? Try it for yourself.

So if you look around there you wont see a lot of houses but a few and you can also see the majestic hill ,Nagarjun, behind you. So we placed our orders and had it delivered to us in no time. The service seemed nice. Finally we all got to taste the "poleko aanda". It was no different than the one we make at home, but I guess the company of friends and the nature just made it delicious.Hungry?? Wait for it...

Now the second round. Typical Newari baji set which included, mashed spicy potato, chwayla(smoked spicy meat), bazi(beaten rice), aachar(pickel) and we also ordered chyang(rice milk). The baji set was really what you should try even if you are newari and have eaten the dish before.It was spicy it was absolutely what you need when you drink chyang. It was really great.

Now the third course. Meat lovers get ready. They serve very tasty smoked meat believe me.

Now the fourth course. We ordered Bara as some of our friends, not Newari, had not yet tasted that dish.I will say it again, it was great. The minced meat inside it made it more tasty. Plus the chyang made it even more delightful. You get the picture right? Hungry??

We ordered chyan 3 times and most of us were drunk except those who were driving. Remember Dont drink and drive. Do not put your life and others in a risk. Please be very carefull and mature about this.

Hungry?? Well lets talk about business now. All those dishes at a minimum cost of Rs 2100.

 So it was getting dark and my friends being aware of getting caught by traffic police for DUI choose to leave as soon as possible. Then we headed home but one of our friend who had the responsibility of driving and who drank chyang, accidentally drove his scooter in a hole in the road. Seriously there was a hole in the road. Sometimes I wonder what does the goverment do about our road tax.No serious injury reported and we headed home all safe and sound.

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