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Having arrived in Kathmandu early March, I spent my first day bringing together whatever I felt necessary for the Annapurna trip.

There were shops all over the city that catered for whatever an avid trekker will need.

After reading Lonely Planet I knew temperatures will most likely go below zero so a warm comfortable sleeping bag was a must and I hired a nice one and purchased two more essentials. A sturdy clear water bottle to refill at official water stations along the route and a headband torch as there will be no power once we reach the higher altitudes. I already had my snowboarding gear (pants, jacket, gloves beanie) and my hiking shoes.

By the afternoon, I felt ready and just wandered around Kathmandu taking in the noise, smells & sights until late evening.

Next morning on the bus to Besisaha I met a couple of solo trekkers that would end up being my travel companions for almost the entire trip. Ruth was on her first ever solo trip so she arranged for a guide, Hari,  to help her and I can honestly say there is no chance that Ruth could have completed the trek without him.

(If anyone needs a guide, I would definitely recommend this guy anyday. I can send his details if you ask)

Sebastian was travelling with every conceivable piece of equipment I could imagine (Germans travelers always seem to be so well organised) and yet he was only seconds away from missing our bus.

We three struck an instant rapport and chatted about our excitement of finally getting a chance to trek one of the most beautiful places on earth. 

Let the adventure begin...........

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