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The Unplanned Trip to Jhor(Travelling on a budget)



You do not need to have a lot of money to travel or to have fun or to enjoy. All you need is a similar mindset friends and you can make history.

When the planned trip does not work well or fail how can an unplanned trip succeed??

I am not an expert but I would say it would need "Yes, that looks like a good idea. Let`s go" lol .

The idea to take this trip came in when I was smoking with my friend .It felt like we should just do it like nike. But the main problem was money, so all we had was Rs 5 from me Rs100 from my brother and IRC 50 from my friend. Lack of budget did not stopped us abandon our trip. We googled jhor and asked my friend for direction. Ok, we were headed for the place that we had never gone before and that is a kind of adventure, right ? haha. With only Rs 185 ,  2.25 lt of drinking water and 2 carrots grabbed from the fridge we started our "The Unplanned Trip".

We started our trip from Samakushi, took a public transportation to jhor. At jhor we got off the vehicle and started downhill to the popular jhor waterfall. We had all these visuals of how it was going to look like. Water , clear as crystal falling from a height , striking hard rocks and eroding it day by day. We would take off our clothes and enjoy the cool water all over our body.Taking pictures of the fall. All these imaginary visuals of the waterfall was making us eager to get there in a one huge step. But it is not always rainbows and butterflies, the waterfall was dried and our dreams were crushed like the rocks. The good thing was, we knew how to have fun. So we slept beneath the fall in those white rocks and it felt soft like the cushions on my bed. The only difference was, I could see nature here. Soon the whole sleeping in the rock was getting less adventurous and we decided to look around. We started climbing up of the fall and the view from there was just majestic. All these huge huge hills were touching the sky. We had no idea where climbing even further up would get us but we already knew we were there for adventure. And at the top we found another small waterfall but it was dried too. So nothing to see there too. We again continued our ascend and a small mistake in that path would cost you severe damage to your body. Enjoying our victory we started to smoke. It felt like even smoking was very natural there.

As we were low on budget, we decided to walk to tokha on foot. When we were at tokha there was a pond where little children were bathing. We could not hold ourselves to dive . As soon as we got there we saw that the water was not very clean as expected but healthier than swimming pool`s.

Dived in and started swimming. The funny part about swimming was since we were not wearing any swimming costumes our undergarments slipped every time but we managed to pull that off like a boss. Fearing that we might get late, we dried ourselves and left. Finally we reached home, safe and sound and tired and hungry but we knew we made a history.

Cost break down:

Rs 80 was spend as transportation charge from samakushi to jhor and I had an ID card.

Rs 40 was spend as transportation charge from tokha to samakushi and I had an ID card.

Rs 15 was spend on noodles that we ate on the way

Rs 30 was spend on samosas that we ate after our trip

and the rest of remaining money was spent on smokes


Take a mini bus from samakushi and it will directly leave u to jhor

or take a micro from samakushi to tokha and you can reach jhor in about 20-30 mins walk.


Though I had a lot of adventure going out there , this place is perfect to go in only some season. A local guy there told me that 'Shrawan' was the best time to enjoy water fall there.

first visual of water fall

uphill climb

water was supposed to flow from here

my friends taking rest

that is all the water in the name of water fall, and we were not disappointed

relax, breathe in and breathe out

this picture is missing water from the fall :D

ducks crossing the road

not very clean water but cleaner than swimming pools

Ok it was not deep as I thought it looked like

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